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Not so long ago you were able to upload your Madeira apartment or villa to rent on one or two of the large travel portal websites and you were almost guaranteed bookings for a good 65% of the year. Not any more. There are now at least 8 large portals all competing for the same business and unless you are featured on most of these travel portals (which can be time consuming) then you are most definitely losing business.

Holiday Rentals Madeira we host all of our properties with at least 5 portals plus on our Holiday Home Madeira website and our Holiday Rentals Madeira website. That means there are 7 different sites shouting about your property to let in Madeira. We are also proactive in searching out new potential guests rather than allowing them to simply come to us, which is what makes us different from our competitors. We spend a lot of time working on our online profile with Facebook news, Twitter campaigns and Instagram messaging. This not only brings direct bookings to us but each of these social media networks all work together to promote and feature your individual Madeira property on our websites. They also help us to keep in contact with guests after they have left the island and this promotes repeat bookings for you.

Advertise Maderia Rental Property Free of Charge

The good news is that it’s free of charge to appear on our Madeira property listing websites.
We simply charge a small commission on any bookings we make for you. So if we don't find you any guests, you don't pay us any money. Simple!
For this we run your
Holiday Home Office, deal with all your guests’ pre holiday questions and take your bookings. We also send reminders, book transfers, deal with your guests car hire etc everything that a normal travel agent would do for your guests.
We run a very personal service and allow your Madeira Island guests to contact us directly by phone or email any time, enabling them to get a swift response. We have over 20 years experience in travel plus between us around 20 years experience in travel based online presence and social media.
We also work around you as an owner. Meaning that if you already have an account with one of the larger portals it will be your decision to either keep working this site yourself or allow us to work it for you.
With an office in the UK we have also seen an increase in our UK bookings’ as residents in the UK generally prefer to talk to us directly prior to booking and like to pay in sterling.

List your Holiday Apartment or Villa with Holiday Rentals Madeira

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We offer two different ways to rent.

If you wish to list your holiday rental property with us please complete the form above. We will then contact you for an informal chat with regard to your Madeira property and make arrangements to visit. Remember, Sticking a few photographs on a portal website and hoping that the bookings start rolling in is not enough anymore. Package deals to Madeira Island and 5 star Madeira island hotels have all dropped in price and they are all competing with your 1 holiday home for the same guests. They have huge advertising budgets and a massive online presence so let us do that for you for absolutely no outlay on your part.
We also offer a full management service with cleaners, maintenance, office and meet and greet staff. If this is something you are interested in then we can also discuss this. We have trusted work staff so you can be sure that your property will be in safe hands should you choose to use our full services.
So to recap
You can either choose to advertise your property with us through Holiday Rentals Madeira, Holiday Home Madeira and other associated sites that we use, or you can choose to advertise and have your property fully managed by us,

Get in touch soon to boost your Madeira Island Bookings. Thank you for your interest,

Holiday Rentals Madeira